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Dear Colleagues,

I am very proud to be inviting you to the XVII. Turkish Colon and Rectal Surgery Congress and the X. Colorectal Surgical Nursing Congress on behalf of the Board of Directors.

We will organize our Congress at the Regnum Carya Convention Center in Antalya between April 9 and 13, 2019. The Board of Directors has assigned Dr. Uğur Sungurtekin as the Congress President and Dr. Ersin Öztürk as the Congress Secretary. We are sure that we will improve colorectal surgery in our country by organizing a seminal congress with your support.

'Patient-ORIENTATED' panels where basic and advanced colorectal surgery subjects will be covered in detail will firstly set forth the problem, then convey the latest research data, emphasize the importance of making the right decision and the speakers within the panels will indicate which method to choose based on their experience.

As we understand from your praises, the 2017 congress was well appreciated and proved to be useful. I ensure you that this appreciation brings about great strength and responsibility for the board of directors. We started working by asking ourselves "How can we do it better and improve it?" by feeling the same excitement and sense of duty. I believe that this congress will also be a very successful one with the participation of our colleagues like you, who are interested in colorectal surgery and always support our society.

Japanese people believe that everyone has an ikigai*. Some people are seeking for their ikigai while others have already found that. However, a forbearing pursuit and courage are more than enough! I guess we have found our ikigai in colorectal surgery and our forces are consolidated in the Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery.

My esteemed colleagues, please complete your studies by taking your own time and present them to our congress. This imprints your commitment to colorectal surgery science onto life.

Until we meet in our congress, I wish all of you healthy and happy days and would like to extend my deepest regards to you.

Prof. Selman Sökmen
President of the Turkish Society of Colon and Rectal Surgery

*being happy by engaging in meaningful things